Datu Wali Mission Ongoing Projects

Education Consultant

to Provincial Governor

One of our most active roles here has always been in education. Sarangani is among the poorest provinces in the Philippines, and the Philippines is the poorest country in Southeast Asia. Poverty can be traced to many things, but poor education is high on the list. We have always invested our time and resources in helping local school children – especially the poor and tribal children – get to school and stay in school. It has often been frustrating, but there are quite a number of people today, who persevered and graduated due to our efforts to prod, encourage, and help them get to school. Our efforts locally in Maitum (our nearest town) were recognized by the previous governor and our current governor, who asked Dan to serve as his education consultant when he came to office in 2013. Dan serves in that capacity today, and also sits on the Governor’s Commission on Education, which advises the Department of Education and the Provincial School Board. We consider this now to be a key part of our ministry, as “access to education” was a key objective in coming here, and Dan’s service to the government has expanded his influence to a much larger region than we anticipated.

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Bible Study Books

In early 2018, we published a 52-week Bible study booklet for local distribution. The studies are an outgrowth of our online devotionals, enhanced to include additional scripture readings and discussion points. All content is original material (not plagiarized) and copyrighted by Datu Wali Mission Foundation. The introductory page of the booklet specifies that the pages may be photocopied without permission, as long as the content is not altered, the copyright statement is clearly visible, and the material (both the original booklet and the photocopies are not sold).  The advantage of creating and writing this original material, is that it is expressed in terms and analogies that are familiar to the Filipino lifestyle and culture. On occasion we have found churches using materials published in the West, but the content is usually written in a style that is difficult for poor Filipinos to relate to. We have been posting online devotionals here for more than four years, and they have stood the test of time and culture among readers. Your contributors to the Foundation made the local publishing of these booklets (1,000 copies so far) possible. Although designed for Filipino readers, we have had requests by U.S. partners for the studies. If you would like a copy of the study, email us and request it. We will then send the PDF files to your email address. 

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