Datu Wali Mission Ongoing Projects

School Supplies

Medical Assistance

Healthcare in most third-world countries is sub-par, and Southern Mindanao is no exception. While doctors and hospitals are present in many areas, the costs are prohibitive for a family that lives on less than $2 (USD) a day. We have continually served as a buffer between the extremely poor in our area and medical help. That takes the form of filling prescriptions, paying clinic charges, transportation to clinics and hospitals, and sometimes deposits at hospitals that are reluctant to treat the poor. Aurea’s nursing training is also useful in screening patients and giving advice.
We have frequently given school supplies to poor and tribal children. Without a pencil or a pad of paper, many children are discouraged from attending school. In 2015, we purchased a used twenty foot shipping container that we plan to convert to a mini-warehouse for school supplies, that we will then dispense at no charge to local school children. These supplies will be purchased in-country with Foundation funds, because it is far cheaper than importing them.
Shipping container destined to be a school supplies warehouse

Pastoral Counseling

From the beginning of this ministry, we determined not to build “things,” but to build believers. To that end, we have not built a church, school, clinic or other facility. Our Community Garden is really the only visible representation of our presence here, other than ourselves. In lieu of starting a church, we have tried to encourage local poorly trained pastors. We provide counseling, advice and other guidance. We have also partnered with the Governor of our province to create a lending library of pastoral resource materials (books from the U.S.) to help pastors expand their knowledge and develop their preaching and teaching styles.

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