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Tboli women cooking their lunch Rice threshing Tboli home on the Pangi River Tboli basket maker Mountain fog forms from steam rising from the jungle Sunset from our porch Homemade walking plow for pulling behind a Caribao (Water Buffalo) Common public transportation. Called a Jeepney becuase it is a stretched out old U.S. Army jeep. Blaan woman playing traditional instrument Caribao (Water Buffalo) cooling off in the river School children Our home and farm on the Pangi River as viewed from space
Forest home Blaan woman weaving traditional tribal cloth Aurea's Tboli wedding dress Tribal dancer Blaan girl at Lamliflew cultural village Blaan girl
Here   you   will   find   photos   of   the   area   in   which   we   live   and   work,   the   people   we   minister   to   or   work   with,   and   the   projects   we   are   engaged   in.   Some activities   involve   confidentiality   (such   as   medical   assistance,   counseling,   etc.),   but   we   will   endeavor   to   share   with   you   some   images   protraying   our work and the area in which we serve. Note the Next Page  icon at the bottom of these pages. Click it to access more content.

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