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Church choir in the village of Upo sing during a DWM outreach Aurea checking the health of her Eggplant in the Community Garden. Jennifer, Aurea and Dan Books being delivered to a remote school. Teachers and students were all impressed with the quality. One of the children of Lamiflew, a Blaan cultural heritage village
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Serving indigenous peoples and the poor on thePhilippine island of Mindanao since 2007
Welcome   to   the   Datu   Wali   Mission   home   on   the   Web.   New   features   on   this   site,   include:   the   display   of   the   time   and   date   in   the   Philippines   in   the Home   page   masthead,   more   photos,   and   availability   of   all   annual   reports   starting   with   2007.   All   photos   and   images   on   this   site   can   be   enlarged simply by clicking them. Thank you for stopping by.
Jennifer, Aurea and Dan Evans
Tboli church choir at our 2012 Christmas outreach
Little girl of the Blaan tribe
Teachers receiving donated books for their school
Aurea checking Eggplant in the Community Garden
In case your world geography is a little rusty

Serving indigenous

peoples and the poor on


Philippine island

of Mindanao since 2007

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